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FOX NEWS - The Domain Name Business is Real.

Dave Hermanson -

See Dave Hermansen interviewed on FOX Business News.

Buying & Selling - is the world's biggest marketplace for buying and selling websites.

The Social Media Revolution - 2017

Millions of people in today's day and age use some form of Social Media at least 3 times a day.

**Disclaimer: These videos have been created and published online by 3rd Parties - NOT Sonoran Website Design. Examples of Website Sales & Domain Name Sales we provide during our presentation are not to be interpreted as a promise/guarantee of earnings or a guarantee of the value of websites designed & created by Sonoran Website Design. Sonoran Website Design has no affiliation with, FOX News, YouTube, or any of the 3rd parties responsible for creating these videos. We do not represent our services as a get rich scheme/home based business/work from home opportunity/business opportunity in any way shape or form. Sonoran Website Design is strictly a web design company only. The purchase of our services does not guarantee our customers’ acceptance into any online affiliate programs nor do we guarantee the sale or value of the domain name that is registered to the customer. Sonoran Website Design does not make any representation on rate of return, click conversions or potential income. Any information/concerns/questions related to those topics will need to be addressed with the affiliate programs/3rd parties directly.

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